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Customer Comments

"Women get over there & they just can't stop ... one of these days I'm gonna find a puddle on the floor!"

Rae Lash - My Abbys Attic - Uniontown, OH

"Hi Barbra,  I just wanted to say that your cards are already a hit!  The one of the lady with the birthday cash (don't spend it all on pot) gets a huge laugh.  A middle-aged man bought one for his mom!"
Betty Bercowski - Christopher Park Gallery, LLC - Greenville, SC

"I just discovered your cards at a local coffee shop. A friend and  I stood looking at them, releasing loud guffaws for so long that we almost forgot to order our double mocha lattes!"
Lori Stott ~ Lyons, CO

"Your cards are so funny! A bit twisted ...but funny! My wife heard me laughing out loud and had to come see what all the fuss was about."
David Vespoli - Fairfax, VA


"Hi Barbra, That "wedded bliss" card just sucked me in...we went to your website (my entire staff reading over my shoulders) and laughed our butts off. I am confident they will do well for us!"

Kendall Cork - Calla Lily Boutique - Minocqua, WI

"Oh my! I haven't laughed so hard on a Sunday morning since ... I can't remember when!  Great cards!"
Sharon Eisbrenner, Regina Sask CANADA

"I bought your 'prick' card for my friend in NJ, I thought it would be perfect for her to send to her ex-husband. She called me and said she sent it to her lawyer instead because he's much more of a prick than her ex!"
Jill Drummond, North Adams MA

"GrammaBurp, your cards are absolutely super! I have several picked out that I HAVE to have and am going to place an order when I decide how many I need to send. (I love the wicked little kid and his Santa plot). Great, great cards! I am sending your link to some friends. Thanks for the laughs!"
Amylouise Adira, Post Falls, ID

"My wife got a GrammaBurp card for my retirement party. Everyone was laughing as it got passed around.  What an awesome card!"
David Milewski, Florida MA

"My sister absolutely loved the card!  It was hysterical!
Thanks, GrammaBurp!"
Paul Connor, Pittsfield MA

"Thanks for coming up with those wonderful invitations for my daughter's graduation party.  Only one person has called to say they can't come.. but everyone is calling to say they love the invitation."
Mark Richards, Chester MA

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