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Freelance Writer's Guidelines

GrammaBurp Warped Humor Greeting Cards 

Freelance Writer's Guidelines

We hope our writer's guidelines give you a sense of what we're looking for. Please review our guidelines and our products to get to know what we do.  Let us know if you have any questions.

Humor, humor, humor. We're looking for fresh, twisted, take-you-by-surprise, warped, unexpected, make-you-burst-out-laughing humor. We will publish curse words as long as they make sense within the gagline. The key to an exceptional card for us is the unexpected punchline.

Sendability.  A "me to you" message is important.  Think about WHO would be buying it, why, who would they get it for .... Are people going to relate to it? Are people going to buy it? Would you buy it? 

We all love to laugh, but cards without an occasion or reason to send, just sit on the shelf getting laughed at. If you have an idea that makes you burst out laughing, but it's not necessarily appropriate for a card, make note of that & send it along - we can look at it for our novelty line (fridge magnets, keychains, etc.).

Take the reader by surprise. Did the idea make you burst out laughing?  If it takes the reader by surprise, makes them burst out laughing ... that's our goal.

Your obligations and liabilities. If we decide to purchase your work, you will need to sign a contract that addresses issues of accuracy, originality, and libel. Ideas must be all original. No one elses words. No copying. No paraphrasing. At this time we pay a flat $50 fee for gaglines upon acceptance, where you will sell all rights. As the company grows, our ability to increase the payment to writers will too.

It's imperative that the text comes naturally from the photos... so that they are fluid and work together. For this reason, we ask that you do not send text ideas without first contacting us for our needs list.

How to submit ideas: E-mail us here to briefly introduce yourself & request to be placed on our freelancers list. Our needs list, when we have projects available, will be e-mailed to you.  It will consist of one or more photographs we own that need text captioning / gaglines for. We'll also let you know if there are specific occasions we need when we e-mail photo(s) to you. You will be given a deadline for submissions also.

ALWAYS include your full name & contact info when e-mailing us.

All ideas that we receive are initially reviewed, then discussed in our editorial department meetings. Depending on the time of year, you may hear back from us right away or, it may take several weeks.  We won't keep you waiting any longer than necessary.  All submissions will receive a response.

We will keep your e-mail address on file for future freelance opportunities.  If at any time you'd like to be removed from the freelance writer list, send an e-mail here, subject line "remove from freelance list".

Be sure to add to your e-mail list so that we don't get bounced as spam.

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