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139 Texas Hold'em

139 Texas Hold'em

SKU: 139

I reached out with my BEST POSSIBLE HAND
trying to catch myself. BETTING I could do it,
I went ALL IN. It was a BAD BEAT & I felt a
FLUSH of embarrassment as I went FACE DOWN,
STRAIGHT into the TABLE smashing my
FACE off a HUGE POT so FULL of water
that I would've sworn I fell off a BOAT
into a RIVER as it came splashing down on me.

I had to RAISE myself up. I knew there was NO LIMIT
to the ODDS of my BAD BEAT & I was best SUITED
to leave before things got any worse.

I must be a BIG BLIND idiot, because after all that,
I SHUFFLED out of the HOUSE without my wallet.

... and THAT'S why there's no MONEY in this card.

Happy Birthday!

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